Skin Care Tactics For Dry Skin

Our skin covers our entire business.  It is a protective layer that shields us from the environment and protects us from disease.  Over time our skin will go through a wide range of different cycles.  Some of these will be dry skin, oily skin and more.  When our skin goes through all of these different cycles it is important that we take care of it.  One popular treatment is to go for facial treatments in Aurora.


The first thing that we want to try is to moisturize our skin.  The human body is made up mostly of water.  With this fact it is important that we add moisture to our skin to help prevent drying and cracking of the skin.  If this happens our skin will feel rough and begin to flake.

Use warm water and take short baths

When bathing most people love to turn the water up hot.  This is not a good thing to do.  When you turn the water up too high it will dry and burn the skin.  You will want to have a warm bath that is comfortable.  When taking a bath, you don’t want to stay submerged in the water for more than twenty minutes.  If you do it can prune the skin which is actually the removal of moisture from our bodies.  This is not what we want.

Use body wash over soap

When bathing you want to use a body wash over a soap.  Many soaps are drying to the skin whereas body washes are more tolerant to the skin.  Before deciding on your cleaning product try out several of them to see which one gives you the best results.

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Add moisture to the air

Finally, you want to make sure that there is enough moisture in the air to help from drying out your skin.  Using a humidifier to add this moisture into the air is a good idea.  Try to find one that will also allow essential oils.  When you do this it will help moisturize your skin and send essential oils into your pours.

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