Bathroom Design Tips

The bathroom is one of the most widely used rooms in the house.  It is where we go to bathe, think and take care of our natural body functions.  When it comes to our bathroom most of us want to make it a sanctuary and appealing experience. 

Wall color

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When working on your bathroom deciding on a wall color is your first step.  The wall color should he light and relaxing.  An off white, powder blue or even a subtle wallpaper with a pattern is nice.  Since most bathrooms are small and are only used for specific purposes, maximizing the space on a visual scale should be your top objective.

Bathroom floor

The bathroom flooring baton rouge is your next consideration.  When in a bathroom you want to make sure that the flooring is safe and appealing.  When looking at your bathroom floor most people will opt for a tile or linoleum.  The reason for this is that these types of flooring are waterproof and will help protect the subfloor from water damage.

When designing your bathroom floor make sure that it isn’t slippery.  If you are going to have a shower in your bathroom make sure that you have slip stickers, adhesive rugs and grip rails.  The floor that you choose for your bathroom will be your list line of defense when it comes to your protection.  If you have a dangerous floor then you will be more prone to getting hurt.

The rest of your bathroom will be designed over these two elements.  The wall color and color of your floor will give you an overall tone.  From there picking out your bathtub or shower will follow.  Then, the toilet you choose, the sing and vanity and more.  When you are done adding in all of these items your bathroom will be complete and welcoming for everyone to use.

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